[Rated] Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Cooking In USA – 2021

Hi, thanks for visiting my site. If you are looking for the Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Cooking In the USA then you are in the right place. I list here best mixers which have high rating and reviews in various e-commerce sites.

The mixer grinder is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. Also, it is not possible to cook the various type of Indian dishes like idli, and dosha without a mixer grinder.

At home, we consume processed food, but if you want to cook the dishes at your home yourself from the scratch, then it may be a little time-consuming for you. But the final result is very healthier and more delicious. Also, if you are a cooking lover then it can be enjoyable for you.

The ingredients used to make Indian dishes are very sticky and hard. And the American blenders are not able to grinder these types of ingredients well. For perfect grinding of various types of pulses and spices, you have to use high power with sharp blade mixers.

If you looking for the Indian Mixer Grinder in the market. The hundreds and thousands number of mixers are available. Choosing the best of them is a very difficult and time taking process. Don’t worry our team finds the Top 4 Best Indian Mixers which is perfect for your need.

List of Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Cooking In USA

#1 Premier Super G Kitchen Machine Mixer Grinder (Premier Mixie)

The Premier Super comes with a highly durable mixer grinder able to grind any kind of tough ingredients like species, turmeric, coconuts, and various type of with and without water pules for Indian dishes. The superfine and sharp blades made with high strength stainless steel.

Ideal size for high stability. And the vacuum rubbers fit in the foot create a high grip at any type of dry surface. As a result, it makes fearless grinding. During grinding the motor of the mixer produces vibration. Therefore, the mixer can fall down on the surface.

550 watts powerful motor coiled with copper that consumes less electricity and gives high performance operates at 110 volts. While grinding in the coil the rod of the motor produces high heat during a long time grinding. It can reduce the life of the motor. However, the auto-cut off feature protects the motor from overload and high heat.

Premier Super G Kitchen Machine Mixer Grinder

All three jars are made with high-strength stainless steel. The body of the mixer comes with a high cooling capacity and attractive look made with premium quality ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material. Handles of the jar designed for high grip and simple look made with polycarbonate.


#2 ULTRA Stealth 750-Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder, 110 Volts, Medium, Blue

Ultra Stealth mixer comes with 750-Watts powerful motor. Able to grind various types of spices and pulses. The wide jars are ensuring the fine and fast grinding ideal for all types of Indian dishes made with high strength stainless steel. The four-point speed control knob gives you the exact Indian kitchen experience.

Because no Indian food complete without chutneys. The three-speed adjustment knob gives you the same texture of various types of Indian chutneys like coconut, mint, onion, carrot, tomato, etc. It consumes very less space due to compact size.

ULTRA Stealth 750-Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder, 110 Volts

While grinding the motor of the mixer produces high noise. This appliance is the quietest mixer compare to others. The cooling capacity of the appliance is fantastic due to the high air shucking ventilator. Also, the heat sensors inside the body cut-off the power supply if the mixer feels overheat.

The multifunctional blades are made with stainless steel. Lids are made with a mixture of polycarbonate and plastic. Note if you grind hard ingredients like turmeric and coconuts always hold the lids due to not clips attached with jars so, while grind it can pop-out.

#3 Tabakh Prime Pro Indian Mixer Grinder, 3-Jar

The Tabakh Prime Pro is specially designed for Indian cooking. The motor of the mixer comes with 600 watts of power. It comes with three liquidizing, dry grinder and chutney jars with transparent lids help you to monitor the ingredients while grinding.

According to your need, you can adjust the speed of the grinder through the knob. If the appliance stop suddenly you can reset after clicking the reset button at the bottom of the base. Overload protection is the most important part of any mixer because while grinder the motor of the appliance produces high heat which can damage the motor.

The stylish color of the body gives an attractive look to the mixer. Body of the appliance made with shock-proof ABS material. All jars and multifunctional sharp blades are made with stainless steel. Vacuum rubber is fitted in the bottom reduces the vibrations of the appliance while grinding.

Tabakh Prime Pro Indian Mixer Grinder

The coil of the motor made with copper which is a good conductor of electricity. As a result, it consumes less electricity. If you feel some burning smell while using the appliance. You can ignore it because in the starting the coil of the motor varnishing. But you feel the same smell for a long time contact service center.

#4 Ultra DuraMix-Blue 750W 110V Mixer Grinder, Ocean Blue

Ultra DuraMix comes with a powerful motor of 750 watts perfect for Indian cooking operates at 110v. The digital timer helps you to give the same taste and texture to previous cooking. Lids of all jars have a locking system in which you can grind any ingredient without holding the lid while grinding. Also, the transparent lid helps you to monitor ingredients while grinding.

Generally, the coupler of the jars and motor made with rubber, plastic, and polycarbonate. However, in this mixer grinder, the coupler fitted the jars and motor made with metal that increases the life of the mixer grinder. Jars are specially designed for smooth and fine grinding for Indian dishes.

Ultra DuraMix-Blue 750W 110V Mixer Grinder

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